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The Injuries of a Horse Race

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A horse race is a sport in which horses compete against each other. Horse races are often long and fast, requiring the horse to sprint and endure extreme exertion. It is common for the horses to sustain injuries and even hemorrhage from their lungs during a race.

The sport of horse racing is a multibillion dollar industry. In the United States alone, the sport generates over $21 billion in annual wagering. However, behind the romanticized facade of Thoroughbred horse racing is a world of drugs, injuries, gruesome breakdowns and slaughter.

Horses are forced to run at speeds so fast that they frequently sustain serious injuries and hemorrhage from their lungs. They are pushed beyond their limits and subjected to cocktails of legal and illegal drugs designed to mask injuries and enhance performance. It is common for many horses to die during or after a race, or in training. In the past, the deaths of racehorses have been covered up by the industry and the press, but that is no longer the case. The death of Eight Belles at the 2008 Kentucky Derby, the suspicious death of Creative Plan in February of this year and the tragic end of five-year-old stallion Laoban at upscale WinStar Farm have brought the issue to the forefront of public conversation.

Before a race begins, the horse is led to the starting gate, which consists of small metal stalls. An attendant will then hold the horse to prevent it from startling when the starting bell rings. Jockeys must remain atop the horse and maintain a semi-squat position while balancing on stirrups (23). During the post parade, the horses are accompanied by ponies that serve as calming companions for the excitable breed. Prerace injuries include lower limb, head and shoulder, upper limb, and back injuries (24,25).

In the course of a race, horses can be tripped, stumbled, or otherwise fall off their mounts. These falls can cause a variety of injuries, including spinal fractures and dislocations, head and neck injuries, and lower and upper extremity fractures or amputations (26-28).

Betting on a horse to win is the most popular way to place a bet. However, a bet to place or a bet to show is also possible. A bet to place means that you are betting on a specific horse to finish in the top three. A bet to show means that you are betting on a specific combination of horse to finish in first, second, or third.

Regardless of how you bet, it is essential to understand the risks associated with horse racing. If you want to gamble, please consider using a betting site that offers responsible gambling. For more information, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling. You can also contact your local gambling addiction helpline for advice and assistance.

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